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  • Tax Management Services
  • Audits & Compilation
  • Financial Projections
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting Analysis
  • Benefits & Pension Plans
  • Accounting Services
  • Retirement Planning
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Tax Preparation



We strive to provide the best service possible to all of our clients! To this end, we ask that you submit your documents at least ONE MONTH before the deadline so we have time to prepare your tax returns. We can not guarantee completion prior to the deadline for files submitted closer to the deadline.

Tax Services

Personal & Corporate Tax Preparation

  • Tax Management Services
  • Audits & Compilation
  • Financial Projections
  • Bookkeeping

Important Documents and information needed to complete your Individual, Corporate and Partnership Tax Returns:

☐ Bank Statements & Other Income & Loss Statements

☐ Personal Information, Social Security/Tax number

☐ W2/1099/Unemployment, 1099-G, Self-Employment Income

☐ Record of estimate tax payments: canceled check images, etc

☐ Savings/Investments/Dividends/1099DIV/


☐ K-1s

401K Contributions

☐ Child Care cost with EIN & Address

☐ Medical and Dental expenses

☐ HSA Contributions

☐ Student Loan Interest statements – 1098 T

☐ Tuition 1098T plus any educational costs (Books, etc)

☐ Mortgage – 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement

☐ Rental Income – 1099s & Expenses

☐ Retirement Income – 1099R

☐ Home Sale – closing statements for purchase and sale

☐ Home Office – Square foot of office & total of house with utility expenses

☐ Geothermal & Electric car cost

☐ Car Travel for Business – Total mileage for the year

☐ Charitable Donations

Payroll & Services

“Payroll services to fit your needs!”

Payroll Management

We build a plan that fits your needs

Premier Tax can handle your company’s payroll in a myriad of ways. We are capable of handling small companies in house including paychecks, making tax deposits and filing all returns. For medium to large companies we offer our oversight of payroll using our professional relationships with payroll processing companies

Additional Services

WE offer more

Other Services

    • Federal & State incorporation and organizing services

    • Business start up consulting – Domestic & Foreign

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